Minimal Varroa - now what?

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May 20, 2009
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I've just completed my summer varroa count, with good results - a daily mite drop of around 1.5 for the hives in my apiary. I think this is probably due to some of the hives superseding more than once, meaning a break in the brood cycle and no chance for varroa to get a good foothold.

So the question is - what to do now?

I could treat in Autumn with Apistan (no resistance here... yet)
I could treat with Oxalic Acid trickle in the winter
I could do both
I could do nothing

I'm currently leaning towards using oxalic only - I feel that if I don't have a bad infestation then using miticides is overkill. But I'm happy to take any alternative views!
I would hold back on the apistan/bayvoral !
My reasoning being, the less you use these products the longer it will take for resistant mites to build up in numbers, this will leave you with a still effective magic bullet should you come across a heavily infested stock ?. For the time being at least:).

John Wilkinson
Apiguard (thymol) after the supers have been removed followed by oxalic trickle just after New Year works for me. The thymol gets the winter bees into the winter with a minimal varroa load then the oxalic during a broodless period sets the colony up for a good start in the spring.
I am in a similar situation with a low mite count and I think I will go with oxalic or nothing this year.
I will do some careful mite counting in September before I decide.
there is a lot of speculation about wax contamination causing problems and Apistan is one of the main beekeeper provided sources of this.

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