Melt Rather Than Extract?

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I doubt that anyone would do it like that rather than spin - unless they either have no access to an extractor, have allowed the honey to crystallise, have heather honey (where 'cut and squeeze' is probably by far a superior method to 'pulp and heat') or are TBHers.

Surely it is simply 'no contest' if there is a spinner available , or someone is that short of honey they need to extract the odd frame.

From the way your question is framed I would only really be expecting those with that preference and 'spinner availability' to be responding directly.

If you mean "crush and strain" as opposed to actually melting, I do, as do most top bar hive users - it works well, is low-tech, simple and cheap, and if you have the patience to do it properly will remove at least 90% of the honey :coolgleamA:
I have done it a couple of times for the odd frame or 2 it seems to work well on the very small scale wax to the top honey to the bottom, having said that I think you have to be careful what temp you take the liquid mess to. The honey seems to taste okay though.
If you have OSR honey thats crystallised in the frames, you have no choice, unless you hold that honey back for the bees to use as winter stores.....

:iagree: with ref to not overheating said "liquid mess".....

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