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We are all entitled to believe what we believe to be true ... and equally to be challenged by those who do not share our beliefs. There is a thin(k) line between challenging an idea and being offensive. There are a few on here who need to think before they hit the post button and keep it to the facts ....

I'm fine with being challenged ... goodness only knows I've faced that almost since the day I joined ...but veiled or oblique insults verge on bullying and we should all be careful not to cross that line.

What about obvious and blatant insults then? Are they acceptable? ;)
Sorry Chris. You are most welcome. Please try and ignore the toxic commentator. Come on Mods, sort that out!
Yes. I’ll sort it out by removing a few words from a post or two.
The OP has been looking in since he posted. If you’re talking about toxic I edited one of his posts too. The introduction has been made and the thread serves no other purpose now
Not open for further replies.

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