Man and a women walks into a bar...

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May 21, 2010
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Man and a women walks into a very busy pub, women sits down, man goes to get drinks.

While he's away, another man comes over and sits down with the women.

"I've been watching you from the bar, and i think your the most beautiful women iv'e ever seen" "Thank you very much" the women replied.

Then the man staring the women straight in the eyes says " I'd like to strip you naked, cover you in honey and lick it all off." "Excuse me she said i don't think i heard to right".

Then the man cuts in "Id like to turn you upside down, fill you with Guinness and drink you dry." "O my gosh, i think you better leave before my husband comes back" The man smiles and walks away.

The husband comes back with the drinks, "while you were at the bar a strange man came over and said i was the best looking women he'd ever seen." The man agreed, "You are dear your beautiful."

"Then he said he wanted to cover me in honey and lick it off". Man stands up starts rolling his sleeves up, "I kill f**king him!!!"

Then he said "he wanted to fill me with Guinness and drink me dry". Man sits down, "thought you were going to kill him?"

"Anyone that can drink 14 pints on Guinness is a better man than me...."

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