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Aug 24, 2019
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Hello, In my last two inspection of my now 3 hives I have noticed a lot of bees in each, a lot of brood however no stores of honey or nectar. It seems to me that all they are gathering is going to feed brood. Would this be correct? The spring here in France has been dreadful, as I believe it has been in England. I have had no swarms however I did do one hive split which has worked out OK. Any thoughts on this situation.
ps I have fed all three with candy and all the candy has been used, should I feed more, maybe syrup?
If there isn't much or any noticeable nectar flow then feed, otherwise they will starve very quickly. Feed little and often until the nectar flows start.
Use fondant or syrup, what you don't want to do is feed syrup to heavily that they store too much other wise when a flow starts the nectar will be contaminated.
One of the basic questions you should be addressing at every inspection is: Are their sufficient stores in the hive to last until the next inspection? Beekeeper should act accordingly.

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