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Jul 20, 2012
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Given up beekeeping, now have lots of bits to sell. All National parts, used but in good condition.
All used woodwork scorched out and ready to go.
In South Leicestershire, contact by Private Message please.
Collection only

4 roofs, shallow
3 queen excluders, Wire with frame,
1 wire unframed queen excluder
2 framed mesh floors, 1 economy mesh floor
10 supers, cedar, used but in decent condition
1 Glass quilt
Made up frames, used, but scorched out and ready to use. Mostly shallow, but a few deep.
3 x 1 gallon rapid feeders
349 spacers, with 42 wide spacers
1 bee brush
11 mouse guards,
plastic runners
6 pairs castellated runners (11 frame)
85 sheets wired shallow worker foundation
16 sheets unwired shallow worker foundation
17 sheets wired deep worker foundation
2 uncapping forks,
1 inspection cloth,
1 double sieve for straining honey, plastic,
As above, metal
2 queen marking cages
1 clip queen catcher
1 5 gallon brewing bucket with lid and honey tap fitted,
1 4 frame, hand operated stainless honey spinner. Plastic lid missing, but not really needed.
Unmade frames, sufficient for 100 deep frames, with sundry extra bits.

Prices for everything being about half that of new
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