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Jun 22, 2011
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Some may remember that some time ago I posted on here about a very bad systemic reaction to a beesting that had me scurrying off to the doctors for advice. A prescription for two epi-pens and a referral letter later, I got notification of an appointment with the specialist allergy group at Wythenshawe hospital.

So...yesterday, a friend called - he is a very new beekeeper, and has the current misfortune to have a couple of quite grumpy colones, one of which had swarmed (! I know - it's September!) and could I help? It wouldn't be fair to say no, we thought, so in full battle gear, Mr Illo and I ventured forth to try and untangle said swarm from the coiled up washing line and post where it was residing. It was messy. It was about to rain. The bees were not happy. Especially the one that got up the cuff of my glove and managed to wriggle inside. The outcome of which was predictable. Ouch!

So I retreated, located the epi-pens and waited... and waited a bit more. And eventually concluded that nothing was going to happen. So we finished recovering the swarm, and left them to go inside as the light dropped. Today, I have nothing more serious than a swollen wrist, which is within the bounds of being entirely normal, and non life-threatening.

Interestingly, since the systemic reaction, I have had no ibuprofen at all (I was taking it previously for a wonky shoulder) and now do have to wonder if it is, in some way, implicated in an over vigorous immune response. There is some, though relativelyl little, literature that suggests that this is the case; I can find case studies, but nothing systematic.

I'll go along for the consultation in early October (belt and braces!) but have renewed confidence that I can carry on pretty much as normal.

Big thanks are due to all those on here who were so immenseley supportive. Giving up was never going to be an option, but I felt pretty low about it for a while.

Never thought I would be so delighted to get a sting!

Interesting post illo
Your assumption makes sense
good luck with appt
Am delighted that you are ok and can enjoy bee keeping again, new confidence and a new season to look forward to next year. Well done for your courage after the bad experience , hope you start enjoying it again.. Best luck
Well done.

Ibuprofen and stings = well known bad news.
Other threads have pointed out that Ibuprofen and other drugs from the same family can cause problems with over reactions to bee stings.

Got me worried so now I have stopped taking Ibuprofen. Paracetamol is ok as it is a different family. A few glasses of alcohol were also suggested as a pain killer.

Good on you for doing so well.
Great news, Illo!
Thanks for the tale, will give hope to others :)