Ivy frame as a barrier to queen??

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Nov 9, 2008
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S.E. Cornwall
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Hi all,

One of my hives is a swarm from last year..there are still a few frames of undrawn foundation.

At present there are 4 frames of solid brood, then two frames of ivy honey, some of it has been uncapped, but it is clearly granulated and rock hard, as it tends to go!

My question, do you think these frames are stopping the queen laying any further, or stopping the bees drawing out the rest of the foundation like a kind of ivy dummy board??

I sprayed them with some water today to give them a hand.
I would try 'bruising' (scraping the top off) of the sealed frame, this usually 'encourages' the bees to use it up.
Why not remove the Ivy frames altogether? Dont know if uncapping the ivy stores will help - as you mentioned rock hard by now.

Replace frames with fresh foundation and place at the ends.

I am assuming that there is no brood on the ivy frames either?
Bruise the cappings on the ivy frames with your hive tool and place towards the outside of the box,place a frame or two of new foundation right next to the frames with brood and give them a feed of thin syrup to allow them to draw the foundation.
I took out a frame of ivy honey from one of my hives last week as I felt they needed more room for brood. They have drawn it out and filled it it is laid up with eggs in seven days! It does'nt hurt to give the bees something to occupy their time as well! might take their minds off swarming.

they were a swarm as well last year.


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