Its a sad day in Southampton today.

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Jul 28, 2008
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The QEII came home for the last time this morning,although she did seem to protest when she got stuck on the brambles bank for 30 minutes and they had to use 6 tugs to pull her off!!!

The brambles is an island in the Solent that once a year at low tide you can play cricket on.

At 11am a Tiger moth is going to drop 1 million red poppies on her.

At 13.30 as a mark of respect a Harrier jet will face the ship and dip its nose as a salute for the help she gave in the Falklands war.

At 19.30 she will anchor off Mayflower park and sound her horns as a thank you to the city.

A very sad day as many of us around this area have worked or have family who have worked on the old lady.

God speed mam...

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