Identifying male wasps from female

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It's not obvious to me why male wasps would be able to sting. The sting in both honey bees and common wasps is a modified ovipositor ("egg-laying tube") as far as I'm aware (therefore likely to predate the point at which their evolution diverged?) and males would not have one.

This page has illustrations of the three forms for V.vulgaris. The most obvious differences between the male and the others are the longer, thinner (and someone blunt-ended) abdomen and the curved antennae.

V. germanica which I believe is also common in the UK is here and looks pretty similar.

The other wasp I've seen a fair bit recently is the Median Wasp (Dolichovespula media). The differences there don't look quite so pronounced.

Thanks james for your input I can now read up on wasps later cheers.
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Hi , is there a way to identify male wasps from female wasps.

Size? Different markings etc?

Thanks cgf
Two things to look for.

The antenae in male wasps are primarily used to detect female sex pheromones so are nodular and curved if not straight.

The antenae in female wasps are used for sensing but also for measuring the length and angles of brood cells during nest building so they have straight antenae that have a defined bend (angle) in them at rest.

Male wasps have an extended abdomen and therefore look longer in appearance. And no, drones cannot prick you because they don't have a stinger. 😄
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