Hover Bees...what are they?

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Apr 18, 2009
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Me and the wife have been bee spotting in the garden but as not yet manage to see any girls foraging.

What we do see quite often are what look like bees? just hovering and landing on leaves (no interest in the flowers/pollen) they also seem to chase one another off (a territory kind of thing maybe) I can only describe them as a little more shiny than honey bees but apart from that they are very similar.:confused:
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You have answered your own question really. They are a type of fly I believe. They have 2 wings, instead of 4 like a bee.
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They are a hover fly, I think, rather than a hover bee.

They are in the classification of Insecta, sub order Pterygota, and order Syrphidae, whereas bees are also Insecta, sub order Brachycera, order Hymenoptera, I believe, [correct me if I'm wrong, somebody!]

I was watching some Hovers last weekend, they mimic bees and wasps, I think, and if you are an aphid, and come face to face with a Hover, you are dead, they are gardeners friend, like wasps!

very similar to bee is a drone fly, does the same noise ant acts the same way, feed on pollen. but have only one pair of wings and a little cross on its back. I had a privilege to explain to my boss the difference between bee and drone. and he was still a bit doubtful:) people know bee only when it stings them :)


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