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Nov 14, 2008
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Warboys, CAMBS
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It's about this time of the season that Acarine might become a problem.

I must stress that this disease of the airways in the thorax is not a real problem in a colony.

It has no outward signs but it shortens the life of the bee because it clogs the airways and causes premature death.

To identify the disease it needs a hand held magnifying glass to study the first spiracles in the thorax after the head has been removed. If any blotches of dark matter are seen in the trachea then further examination is required with a higher powered microscope. Treatment None.

It is thought that with the use of different chemicals used against Varroa Braula coeca and Acarine have been having a rough time and are becoming less noticeable nowadays.

Admin do you think it might be applicable to have a section headed Bee Diseases where articles such as this would be posted?
What do the members think?

Good Idea Bcrazy,we do seem to be getting more and more post's about disease.

I will set one up today.

From my point of view as a newbeek, I would welcome an outline of the most likely diseases and how to detect their presence or absence in a new colony or recently housed swarm, together with a treatment schedule, and suggested remedial substances.

I realise this is a big ask, but practice guidance for new beeks is surely the way to improve the bee stocks all over the UK.

In my innocence, it seems to me that some of the long established beeks are not paying as careful attention to the spread of diseases as they could, and inadvertently helping the spread of disease and poor colonies.

In my innocence, it seems to me that some of the long established beeks are not paying as careful attention to the spread of diseases as they could, and inadvertently helping the spread of disease and poor colonies.

Hi JCBrum, don't feel you have to hold back at all. :) I'm located M5J2 area.

A section of it's own is probably a good idea given the number of questions and information naturally falling into the category.
Hi Hombre, pleased to meet you, :) I'm down the road a bit from M5J3 towards town. I'm keen to meet other local beeks.

I'm trying to get some colonies going, and being told by one old beek at the moment that keeping disease at bay is one of the important elements of developing strong colonies. He says that there are many established hives where disease controls are paid insufficient attention because the beeks don't accept that they have any disease. They don't want to change their long established habits and so perpetuate problem situations.

What I'm really trying to say is that I just need to know more so that I can breed healthy bees, and be able to spot the problems with bees that I might acquire in the future.

Would you sell me a nuc ? I could provide the box and frames. :)

JC, I am a Newbee myself. I have only had two hives for little over five weeks and have been working a couple of days a week for a busy honey bee farmer for almost ten weeks. I am significantly fitter, wiser and richer for the experience.

Have you made contact with your local BKA or maybe this one?

If not make the telephone call. Some bee keepers don't check their email as often as you might like, so the telephone is a much better idea. The treasurer I find is often a good bet, always having a keen eye to new membership and knowing who is doing what.

I am looking to make a lot of my own equipment to keep my costs down. This of course means an investment in tool costs, timber and time. The idea is to somehow get the personal balance right.

You could contact EasyBeeproducts.co.uk to the east of Gloucester for either a Nuc (you wiould need a hive to put them into) or a working hive. Look at the prices and telephone at about 6 to 6.30 pm (details on the website). Ask about availability and dates available for collection as they are very busy. Be prepared to collect personally.

I can give you advice regarding collection and transportation depending on your choice.
Mike at easybee is offering some full working hives with bee's included that are available now if you dont want to wait for an ordered/order nuc or package.
Admin, and Hombre, Thanks for your suggestions.

I went to see Mike at the end of March, but in my innocence thought his prices were a bit expensive. I suggested I could do better else where which amused him. At least he laughed at the suggestion anyway. I did enjoy meeting and talking with him though, and he is just the sort of 'old soldier' :) I could get on with. He can afford a better grade of 'beverage' than I, so I might visit him again soon when I've saved up a bit.

I have now made contact with a local BKA (thanks Wendy122) and will hopefully be negotiating for a nuc next week.

I fancy the idea of bringing on a nuc, rather than a full colony as I feel it will be a challenge to get it to full size and over-winter it successfully.

Sorry about the asking for a section on Diseases as it was later that I realised we had a section named Health Topics.


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