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😂😂 and I had a go at one step daughter when I first started beekeeping for using the honey I gave her on a gammon joint!
Better than the jar I gave to a friend who said the carrots she roasted in it tasted delicious ... most expensive roast carrots on the planet and she's never getting another freebie !!
at the BFA AGM bulk honey was discussed - suggested there is too much out there and a price closer to £2/lb may be the way forward - that the honey bulk price had peaked a long while back. Not helped by the two largest packers not buying UK honey at all / or in any volume mainly due to world honey price
My bulk pricing is set the same or £7.50 lb B2B, zero issues at this price.

Everyone runs their business to suit XYZ etc

£2/lb would be farms looking to offload 10's of tons in barrels/buckets fast - with inflation that would be £1.50/lb in 2018 = super cheap/not much of a business worth bothering with.

OP seems fair to me.
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