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As the wife requests, I make a lot of Borodinsky type rye bread. High hydration rye is difficult to work, so I normally don’t work it too much. Caraway powder/seeds and rye are best friends by the way... don’t really have any recipes, all in my head, each comes out a bit different...
I take my hat off to you.
I had a go at pumpernickel. It took three days of slavish attendance. Even the crows wouldn’t eat it. 😂😂
Too many is my answer ..
Woodturning & working in wood generally
DIY (Less of a hobby - more a necessity)
Jams, Preserves & Chutney making
Making cakes
Cars and Motorcycles (old ones)
Home Brewing and wine making
Renovating, repurposing and renewing things - leads to below
Hoarding stuff and lost causes
Watching TV Programmes that nobody else admits to .. usually found high up in Freeview channels
Watching classic and not so classic Old films
WORK (Well .. it's more of a hobby these days)
'er indoors

Not necessarily in that order.

I also have an interest in:
Cheese making
Smoking and preserving meats
A wormery
Distilling essential oils

Unfortunately, at present, my last official hobby is preventing me from developing anything more than an academic interest in these .... but I have a cunning plan ....
I live 5 minutes away from the beach so do a lot of surfing. Luckily for me the best time is in the winter. We also go away with the camper quite a lot. I am currently looking to buy a couple of acres of land for more hobbies 😂
Road cycling, especially long distance Audax events. Not getting in any long rides at the minute though as can’t justify heading off for 200km+. Beekeeping is my low cost hobby in comparison.
Last Audax I did was pre children 16 years ago. Hubby and I cycled a tandem or solos with the local CC. Kids now cycle with local youth CC. Still go out on bikes when we can.
Playing piano is what I've always HAD to do since childhood. So not really a hobby. Sailing dinghy racing has faded since the youngest child wasn't really interested. Photography was once a 10x8 field camera affair but is fading now that you look a bit of a geek carrying a real camera around. And phones do such a brilliant job anyway. Cycling has always been there, but not at club level. Painting too, but not at any level. Breadmaking (not always sourdough) is simply about getting decent toast. And pizza (more than decent). Other activities are struggling to hold their own against this newcomer, beekeeping.
Cycling mainly road a bit of mountain biking but try to limit that these days now in my 50’s I still go stupid on the mountain bike but the body doesn’t heal as quick these days.
Allotment takes up a lot of time & bees are taking over my life
I enjoy shooting, mainly deer stalking but also vermin control (not done much last year though)
Then there’s the full time job that gets in the way lol.
Jumping out of air planes! I've done it twice now got a video of the second time, I Will be doing it again.

Hard+soft landscaping, growing runner beans.
The guys have 280 perennial plugs coming to grow on.
We took these hardwood cuttings last week.
What are the cuttings?
Hobbies - gardening mainly. Used to be photography when it was the proper type with film, not so much now with this all too easy digital stuff. Walking, mainly the coastal paths of Dorset, with and without dogs.

Having retired during lockdown and been subjected to house arrest ever since, all anticipated involvement in local clubs, activities and hobbies have been stymied.👎
Obviously being on this forum our main passion is bees, but does anyone have time for other hobbies or interests? My other love is sign language, fascinating and so priveleged to be able to use it in my job. Gardening is my other hobby, renewed this year by researching bee loving plants. What interests you?
Sign language would be such a well worth hobby and must be pretty special when communicating, my daughter was taught it at school by doing songs that they then presented very nice
Yes we have one of those. Still tend to call it an allotment. Are those beans?
Closest...Potatoes, two rows of staked tomatoes, squash and melons, then maybe some leeks and then some beans, and a couple plantings of maize in the back. We put up a lot of food for the winter, mostly in the freezer
Closest...Potatoes, two rows of staked tomatoes, squash and melons, then maybe some leeks and then some beans, and a couple plantings of maize in the back. We put up a lot of food for the winter, mostly in the freezer
Yes....I love growing things but I'm reaching insanity processing in the autumn. I never have enough freezer space. We eat well though and it's all our own. I draw the line at eating our hens when they fall of their perch with old age. They are each buried with a ceremony.

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