High Peak - Derbyshire - Mentor wanted - please!

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Sep 3, 2009
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North Derbyshire
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4 hives, 1 nuc
I am interested in starting to keep bees (next spring) but would really appreciate some local help/guidance.

You may or may not get a positive response from here. Best bet is to get along to your local Beekeeping assosiation meetings ASAP.

Regards, RAB
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Hi Juststarting,

Where abouts are you in High Peak?

I am in Whaley Bridge and if you are keen, you are welcome to come along and get some hands on with my Bees. I have three hives but I'm not too much of a mentor but will help you as much as I can!
Depending on which part of the Peak area you are I am some thirty miles from you.

I am currently running 15 colonies and 16 nucs.

You are welcome to have a look if you wish.

I'm down the road in Macclesfield and got my first hive earlier this year so still a newbee, but if you need somebody to bounce ideas off give us a shout.
local help

Completely correct but I reckon the local BKA is still the way to go.

Agreed, help from here is a very good offer, but the three replies so far, while offering some assistance may not be quite what the OP wanted. I would still be taking them up on their offers, mind you, and still getting down to the local BKA. Local courses, local bees and supplies, local borrow/rent kit, local everything - and for a mentor even more local.

Regards, RAB
Thanks for the offers, I would def like to meet up and swap ideas and will also follow up local BKA. I think Chesterfield is nearest to me, but stockport might be easier. I live in Tideswell and make a daily trip to Macc so Mr Trueman and Whizzwheels could you PM me contact details so I can arrange convenient time to meet.

PolyHive which direction are you in - perhaps I could visit when I'm in your area.

Thanks again for the offers of help.
Castle Donington and on the phone too.... amazing innit modern coms...LOL


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