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Stephen H.

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Sep 7, 2009
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South Woodham Ferrers,Essex,UK.
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Firstly I apologise if this is in the incorrect place,I was at a loss where to place it.:confused:
I recently purchased a quantity of Bee related equipment from a late Bill Peters of Leicestershire from his wife Susan,This was being sent by DHL,it has not arrived,She has the tracking details,I have e-mailed her but she may be away,I do not wish to cause problems by starting an ebay dispute and claiming money back ,I actually want what I bought.
Does anyone in the group around the Leicestershire area know her??It may well be that she is not checking her e-mail address which did belong to her late husband.
Once again sorry if I have placed this in the wrong place,
if you have the senders details, you are the recipient, if DHHell customer services can normally be spoken to nicely enough, they will tell you the status or which depot\country it was sent to by mistake.

they may not be able to give you any further information.

I once had one particular delivery go AWOL. I called the supplier, and the delivery company and it turned out to have been delivered to the neighbour (Not Somerford Steve!) a few days before and they had forgotten to tell me! (and the couriers did not leave a note!)

... it was an honest mistake on the neighbours part though!

It appears that if you work for DHL you are unable to read,they only work on numbers in a bar code.
I know who I am and funnily enough also where I live,I know who sent me the package,but the DHL person says they are unable to read the labels unless they read the Bar code.
All the money we spend on education I am left wondering is it worth it:(
Thank you for getting back to me.
Yes when I used to send out numerous parcels I came the conclusion that DHL was ....

Try finding out which is your nearest depot which is likely to be the delivering depot.

Then talk smoothly to whoever you can get hold of and ask for help - there are genuinely helpful people out there - it's just a matter of getting the right one
Now you may be able to understand the problems we have every week sending out hundreds of live bees’ nucleuses to customers’

We had a driver delivering two nucs to a house and left them on the pavement miles from the customer. Reason I don’t like bees, "Live bees” ahaaaa allergic I might get stung. --- DHL
Another driver could not find the address, taken them back to the depot and forgot them for a week, ---- TNT.
We sent 10 nucs to Ireland “strapped together in twos all to the same address 7 arrived safe 3 missing AWOL ---Parcel Force
This year we sent 30 nucs picked up late evning to be delivered first thing in the morning 15 returned next day dead, left in the delivery van cooked.

We had one firm put the nucs in plastic bags and deliver.
We had two nucs delivered drowned???

I got my own back on TNT they phoned me to say there was a box of live bees in the depot “bees flying everywhere” could I come and sort it out. I arrived to find the nucleus was in the bottom of container crushed under a pile of parcel.
Pointing out to the manager the stickers handle with care fragile live bees,
I left with the excuse I had to pick up my smoker, Two days later and umpteen calls I went and sorted it out

We pay extra for insurance, NO CHANCE!! collecting a refund.
If the lady has the tracking details then the consignment must have left and should have arrived within a few days. Without the ident code I don't think you can track it, but if you ever do get the number the link to use is then click on "By Ident Code" and enter the tracking code in the top left hand box.

The chances of DHL losing the consignment are more or less zero in my experience so either the shipment has not yet left or has been sent to the wrong address.

Either way I can only suggest what you are already doing but if you get no joy then you will have to get your money back. I am no expert on e-bay but check there isn't a time limit for claiming.
The chances of DHL losing the consignment are more or less zero in my experience so either the shipment has not yet left or has been sent to the wrong address.

Surely if the shipment has been delivered to the wrong address, this would equate to loosing it?

Sorry for calling you surley :D
Stephen - also meant to say, 'phone/contact in the mornings.
In the aft they are busy sorting out the days collections and tend to get a bit stressy.
Ebay or perhaps more paypal are not a problem,they will refund back to you,but I hope I do not need to take that route,as what I bought I really wanted,Hopefully I may resolve this I have a few irons in the fire.
I am really heartened by all the genuine advice I am getting,I thank you all.

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