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Jun 16, 2023
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Hello. I'm new to the forum and although it's my 2nd year of beekeeping am definitely new to that too. I had every intention last year of just learning and getting ready to buy some bees for this year, but in the middle of some work at home realised I had some plywood left over and stumbled on a video about making a bait hive which unbelievably worked. I now know they were a very small swarm that almost immediatley lost their queen, though she had started laying and they managed to raise another just in time for the extreme hot weather to hit when I was away and play havoc with the new comb. They sadly never got strong enough to make it through the winter. I know they were small because the same box up the same tree worked again late May . It was so exciting to be there when they arrived and I feel lucky to have experienced that. This time they are looking very healthy - already well settled, calm and most of the way through the first super. It's a national in my back garden in North London, amongst the wildflowers. I'm finding everything they get up to absolutely fascinating and spend hours in my garden these days just watching them.


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Welcome to the forum. Haver a good look around, there's plenty in the archives. Post any questions in the beginners' section and enjoy your bees

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