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Oct 17, 2011
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Does Heather Honey (HH) have a shorter shelf life than main stream honey?? I have been informed on two occasions that it goes off after approximately a year. Can the HH folk here advise if this is true?? Didn’t have HH here up to last season and was unexpectedly left with 75Kg … not easily disposed of… so is time of the essence?? Thanks, P
Thank you, JBM, and congrats on your success at the RW. Eric, I was specifically interested in Heather Honey. I am aware of the reported incorruptibility in certain contexts of mainstream honey and the acceptable water concentrations influencing its marketability. That said, many Beeks apply a two year Best Before Date when labelling (apparently a random designation). I had no experience of Heather Honey and heard it said that it did not quite have the same Lifespan and Beeks consequently only gave it a year BBD. So, it appears that such persons are in error… Thankfully. Obliged to ye for your clarification.

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