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Drone Bee
Nov 9, 2008
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Hi All
The above application on the old pc has helped me a great deal being a beekeeper, particularly when searching for new sites, and when you find one it gives you a good scope to look at the surrounding areas for possible problems that you may not find on foot or in a car.

However i would love to see satellite views of the same area for example at different times of the year ?, or rather a live image ?, does anyone know of an application that will do this ? or if you subscribe to Google Earth will it allow you ?

That way i could see what grows where and when and know what the bees will be working, and plan ahead perhaps.

Any suggestions ?
Any suggestions ?

Only way is drive around and look for surroundings.

One thing is look the recent density of bees in flowers.

Google eart is too coarse and the maps may be several years old.
I hardly see main roads on my area.
I dont think there is any thing that you and I can access that will give you live images, that is for the FBI and MI6

As finman says the pictures are of varrying ages, I know that because they do not show my extension on my house which is 7 years old now.
You could go buy a satellite ?

I dont think there is anything.

Google maps should be doing a uk update soon as they are doing the 3d earth rollout.
What about a radio controlled helicopter or airship with a wirless camera?
Time for me to dust off the old Tights me thinks..

Sweetums looks like you have let yourself go since we met in the summer.
Jesus, .... could you imagine the hassle of finding a decent shirt at M&S with a neck like that !!!!!.

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