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I found this ebook site by chance a found my favorite word "FREE" so i have gone through the lot i will start to read them tonight if i get the chance and tell you what they are like , but considering they are free at worst i can down load and then delete them if they are not worth keeping, but should or could be of interest to someone
Thank you for the link Pete, looks like these books could provide some useful background reading :cheers2:
ThankYou very much for the links and a big thankyou for the bee shed productions they were very informative and fun to watch, I liked the bit in simple honey extractor where You cut the corner off a circle
The author of Mysteries of Beekeeping Explained died in 1875 so don't expect the most up to date advice from the book. I'm not knocking it, one of my favourite bee books was written 50 years ago and there's still plenty of useful advice in it - just don't expect much about varroa or nosema in old books.