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May 8, 2009
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Southampton Hampshire
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While i was working today i met a pest controller that does a lot of local authority work, rodent and insect control etc He told me that last year he couldnt find people to give swarms to and rather that spray them he was releasing them in woodland and hoping they would survive.
He has a beekeeper that promised to take swarms but he said whenever he calls him its too much trouble to come out and he has to collect the bees and basically dump them in a more suitable location.
Needless to say ive given him my phone number and agreed to try to collect any swarms this year, i explained that i have never captured a swarm and he agreed to show me how.
Apparently he has upwards of a dozen calls a season for bees and i would like two more colonies, im sure there will be takers on here for any extra.
I am straping my empty Nuc to my pedal bike now, should be there by May, if i start tonight

yes i would be interested, if you have a spare swarm, as i am working in bournemouth either monday or tuesday most weeks until july,
I am available in relatively short notice and am not too far from hampshire :auto:

I would be very happy to have any available swarms! ;)
I could swim that little bit of water to collect one .
would be most welcomed here.
it's always a good idea to get to know a local pest controller....

...but be mindful the swarm needs to be kept in isolation for a while from the rest of your bees in case it harbours disease.



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