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Jan 18, 2009
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I've been researching the cost of BS deep and shallow foundation from a number of websites and it looks as though Thornes are the CHEAPEST!!! Can this be right? Has anyone else found a cheaper supplier for this year? I'd love to know.
Have you checked out Peter Kembles prices?

Further cheapest is not by far always best. I never rated Thornes foundation but did and do rate another vendor. This post is a hint.

As the man said.
We buy 10,000 from Peter ever year, never yet had bees refuse or build comb, or down the sides of the frame?
It?s a little dearer but that?s what I pay for, Quality beeswax.
Lordy, look at the photo on the bottom of kemble-bees's homepage!!
Somebody should tell him the bees go IN the hives.
Lordy, look at the photo on the bottom of kemble-bees's homepage!!
Somebody should tell him the bees go IN the hives.

I just looked at that photo. How come so many bees outside at one time? If I came across my three hives all doing that at once I would be worrying something was wrong.
Thanks for the suggestions.

I hope it's a blisteringly hot summer with lots of foundation being drawn and filled - a bumper harvest? We're certainly due one!
hedgerow pete
mike why if you are purchasing that many you have not gone in to home producing, would 10,000 sheets not justify your own machine

I did make my own and still got the motor controlled gearbox impregnated rollers. Reason I gave it up I just cant do every thing, for me now it easier to buy from Peter
IT?S the same for frames we used to make 55,000 per year bought the timber 2"x9"x 12" from newport docks by the truck load cut it all up into little sticks
Cheaper to buy them in.
SO if you want a job making hoffman frames I got all the kit give us a price? and i buy from you Bingo job for life.
All the best mike
I think Mike is giving good advice.

A bee farmer on a large scale needs 1000 of frames etc and wax. This takes more time and staff to make the stuff in house. Eventually you digress from bee farming and become a timber merchant. Then there are not enough hours left to do bee keeping.

We all start off doing both but after a point when you are paying some one to do the wood work they may as well be a 3rd party all tooled up properly to do an efficient job. Most bee farmers play at this.

Let those do what they do best.

True Wendy. We will make money if we focus most of the bits of the job we are really good at and we will be happiest if we focus on the bits of the of we really enjoy.
Just had a price from wynne jones
Formatting gone haywire the first price is wired the second unwired these prices include vat as well and no i dont know him.

Foundation Prices 10 sheets Wired Unwired
B.S.DEEP 4.40 3.91
B.S.SHALLOW 2.93 2.65
M.D.DEEP 7.34 6.66
M.D.SHALLOW 4.30 3.91
B.S. 14X12 7.34 6..75
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Wynne Jones wax is from Thornes. If your order is big enough phone Thorns and ask. How can they not beat a 3rd party on their own product.

Wendy is correct. This is what economists call comparative advantage, and it's one of the most significant concepts in economics, and the basis of world trade, division of labour etc.

-- Matt, who has a degree in economics, but only seems to use it for discussions on the internet.
If its from Thornes and no disrespect to them then it rather defeats the point.

There is better to be had see up the thread.

thanks for the tips about the foundation.some times i a glad i am only going up to ten hives and nucs, spent several years helping a professional, not for the faint of heart. I used to work with this gentleman and he used to spend the winter remaking all his kit, frames, hives , supers, and his own foundation. i just thought it was the norm to do it
Don't know for sure, but if your apiary is susceptible to robbing, then taking off the roofs from all hives before inspections can help to distract the robbers -- as they are more fussed about defending their own hive than going looking for other stuff to rob.

Having big strong colonies can produce quite an impressive 'bearding' once the roof is off.
I would beg to differ. In the quality issue. I have had foundation from numerous providers at the spring convention. The bees draw it all out well. I by based on cost only.

Yes I agree you could get a bad wax batch. This could be possible from all the suppliers. I have never had a foundation issue yet.

The start thread was a cost based question. I do believe the most expensive is not always the best. Many buy out of loyalty to a supplyer. I just payed about ?360 for an assorted 900 sheets. This same order was ?100 more with the next cheapest suppler. They where all asked for their best price. I am afraid in this current climate cost wins.

I suppose at the end of the day the wax in the foundation could have come from anywhere :confused: