Formic Acid shelf life

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Gilberdyke John

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May 5, 2013
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I was approached by a fellow beekeeper enquiring if I had any MAQS to spare. I was told MAQS was out of stock in al the usual sources. As it happened I found a still sealed pack of two at the back of my storeroom but it must have lain there for three years at least so it would be significantly out of date. As a result it was politely declined.
Afterwards I began to wonder if the active ingredient (formic acid) would have deteriorated from it's long rest in the sealed container at room temperature. I never moved beyond inorganic (school) chemistry so I'm not sure what would actually happen in sealed room temperature storage. Any organic chemists out there can help?
Can’t help with shelf life but I understood MAQS has been replaced by Formic Pro which now can’t be used with supers? Can that be right
I have an old pack of maqs; when I got it it smelt strongly of formic acid so it was obviously somewhat porous. It doesn't really smell now so I guess most has evaporated away.
My understanding is that that UK licence does not allow for supers being left on during Formic Pro treatment, whereas they can be left on in USA and Canada.
I’ll come out in favour of MAQS/F.PRO - only issue for users of this is, I believe there has been no import into the UK this year. From previous threads the best way to store was in the freezer…………..
Formic acid is perfectly stable for years.
However the gel material that is used as a substrate to contain it probably degrades hence the shelf life.