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May 31, 2009
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North Linconlshire
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I did an artificial swarm a few weeks back and all was well and good until last weekend. The queen swarmed from her new home about 7 days after putting her in her new brood box. Luckily the swarm landed on a bush about 20ft from the hive entrance, I managed to capture it and have put it into a nuc box, where hopefully it will build up.

Yesterday I noticed loads of flying drones around and about the hive - is this normal mating behaviour? They would fly out the hive, land in the grass then climb up the grass to take flight and off they would go.

My two other brood boxes from the AS will be reunited tonight, but I had a look through them today to see if there was anything special happening. All brood space is filling up with honey stores, even though there is plenty of super space available.

I have ordered a new queen, just in case I don't have one left from the AS!

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