Flow has started for me.

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Nov 29, 2008
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Crawley, W,Sussex. uk
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Just put a clearer board on my top super.
Look like the flow has started.

Keep an eye on your hives.
You may need an Extra super.
Any idea what they might be on ? I ask because we are not a million miles away.

I have just started seeing the Blackberry coming into flower here in Hants.
The Blackberry is in full flower here.
Being next to the railway, Its a endless line of Blackberry.:)
I have had a flow for a week... :)

Bees are on past it rape, though there are fields of spring rape now if full flower.

There are fields of beans adjacent but the bees cannot work them so thats not it, and I have tried and tired to sight line them but because the sun is so brigh these past few days it's just not possible.

It's a lovely honey though and the combs are a building as I type... :)

Some of mine were working clover yesterday,not seen them doing that for a couple of years :ack2:
I understand that with the oil prices putting up the cost of nitrates, that clover is somewhat making a bit of a comeback as a nitrogen fixing crop. Green, beneficial and very welcome.
I extracted a super.
But most of it was crystallized.
only got 13lb of honey from it.
I put it back on the left hive on the 26th and they have sorted it out and the super is now almost full.
Also put a super with drawn comb on the right hive on the 27th and that is almost full.
I just put my last 2 spare super with foundation on each hive.
Got 5 supers on me left hive now.
Top 2 supers a full but not capped.