First swarm yesterday of the year for me

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If i had 38 QC's the gene line would be changed.
Typically I get 4 - 10 cells so quite happy with that lowish number.
Not my hives. But to be fair it is the queen's third year, it is the most amazingly quiet and productive hive. I would be happy to have them. Relatively new beekeeper so .......
Yes as said realise they weren't yours Eric.
My gearden colony had a 3 yr old last year , still went great guns and harvested 116kg from them.
They supersceded last August and last I saw on the final look in mid to late Sept for a stores check both were seen a couple of combs apart.
Only inspected once so far ( chilly bitter wind is back and stopping me going in along with 7-10c feels like temps), saw the new Q looks like old clipped Q is now gone /died. I will be happy if the new Q is as good as her mother.

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