Final Jimmy's Farm tonight

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don't normally get irritated by the tele, but I've found this guy most condisending to pretty well everyone he meets:svengo:
The other week his great excitment at the prospect of spraying Amonia on friut trees. Just my thoughts, but just possibly a case of others doing what our boys gave up years ago, for several reasons.
i dont deny these people need to earn a living and feed themselves, but....
just my 10p worth
Its a case of trying to show us how the hell we can feed 7 billion people in the future. Unfortunately, the program has simply shown how the big players have to f#+k around with chemicals and methods that frankly should perhaps be going backwards rather than forwards in terms of husbandry and farming methods.

There is a large movement in the uk that want better farming methods than the large monoculture type of farming. Particularly where livestock is concerned.

I did find it obscene that a pig farmer who is growing rare breed pigs should go into a large commercial piggery in the states and realistically not put even the slightest argument against doing it that way. Even away from the farmer!
Perhaps they need Hugh F W there,bit more down to earth and less of an actor.
Condisending and no bees :eek:
I gave up after a couple of episodes - I find "Jimmy" particularly annoying, and so damn thick it's beyond human belief - as to quite how he got the series and an equally dim production team is beyond me............:svengo:
HFW took a beating on his own forum a while back.
It sounded like he set up a load of courses at his farm but never attended as he spent all his time in London.

In my opinion they are all lovvies that love to be seen on the box.
Circus freaks with a lens in front of them...

And dont get me started on that mockney Oliver..........


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