fill in a swimming pool!

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Dec 7, 2008
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Newick, East Sussex
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Is there anybody out there with any garden design experience who can advise me how to fill in a swimming pool- we have such a leak after last winter frosts it isn't worth the expense repairing.
I though we could make a feature of a sunken garden with it -only 3/4 filled - but what would I use on the walls. The pool has a liner in at the mo.
Pool about 28x14'
if planning to plant plants in it, make sure it drains well - knock additional holes in the liner base & sides to keep it drained, or.....make a wetland habitat and make fewer holes in it !
Thank you beadons:sifone:

yes want plants, but also table chairs barbecue etc. Already have pond. Just need design ideas and how to cope with sealing sides if it is a bit sunken

is the pool just lined ? if it is can you not just remove the liner and fill it in.
you could put a rainwater storage tank buryed in the ground to supply your garden needs. and all your toilet flushing requirements, are you on a meter.
No, no meter - YET.
Yes it is lined and yes we need to fill in -whether with rubble or concrete lintels with concrete block fill-ins.
We are also looking at a storage tank within as it is 7'deep - some filling:svengo:
keep throwing those ideas at me- and thanks :)
Hi Heather,
Put an ad in your local paper saying you will take any hardcore that people need to get rid of, your pool will be filled in no time. People especially us builders/property maintenance people who have to pay to get rid, will be on the phone as quick as a flash, but tell them you only want hardcore (bricks and concrete), no plaster or rubbish like that. Alternatively go straight to your nearest quarry and deal with them direct, you will be amazed how much you can save buying direct and in your case bulk amounts.
Sugar syrup.

Fill it with sugar syrup

Had enough problem with children standing on bees drinking at the waterside as it was!!
The quandary was when I said they had to go to the right hive to apologise that one of their number would not be home that night as a little person had killed one- The worry over having to tell a hive soon stopped tears :cheers2:
No, no meter - YET.

So whats the problem then? Just set the flow of water in to balance the leak out = pool does not leak:svengo:

East Yorks new bee said:
Put an ad in your local paper saying you will take any hardcore

But if you realy must fill it in, Daves sugestion of an Add in the paper etc, for builders to dump in there rubbish will be a good bet. PS Dont post it in the Adult section though! You might not get want you wanted!

Also you might want to be selective, or you might get some late night dumping which might lead to future investigation by the Police. (i.e Bodies)
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Heather, you could consider a sunken rose garden, place steps at either end and roses either side of the path, with a sun dial in the middle. The roses will love the shelter :)

Better than a rubble heap and dead bodies as Jim suggests!
How big is your garden and where was the soil which was originally excavated go? You might find you can rearrange the soil in you garden and fill it in without having to import anything. For example, just a few inches off an area 100 foot square would completely fill it.

Alternatively, just build a wooden deck over it, fit some steps going down and use it as a storage area, wine cellar etc., or even, if you were desperate, as a place to store empty supers and the like.

You would need to fit an electric pump to remove water but that would be fairly cheap to install and run.
So whats the problem then? Just set the flow of water in to balance the leak out = pool does not leak

It is losing about 3" per night- a bit irresponsible when it is used about once every 2/3 weeks. And it is heated:ack2: -

The soil-thick white clay was removed in lorry loads. This pool takes up about 1/10 of the garden, and lots of that is lawn. I am going towards a sunken effect, with concrete struts filled in with blocks as the base leaving an area underneath for water storage to water the garden. We do have an automatic system in place at the mo.
Many thanks for the replies- (much more advice here than on his boating forum) :cheers2:
Heather, good idea to use it for grey water storage. On the assumption we may all be on water meters in a few years it could be a major selling point for your house. I am sure it could be lined with a flexible pond liner to make it more effective.