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entire collection of books for sale

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Jul 20, 2009
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I have acquired a collection of beekeeping books, journals, magazines, newspaper clippings etc from a lifelong collector who recently passed away. I don't know the genre of bees that well so I've valued them according to amazon and/or ebay...then undercut that. This is very exciting and I don't even keep bees, if this was chickens I'd die of excitement!

There's £384 here individually - I will accept £200ovno the lot - will have to let you know what postage would be.


Pile of pamphlets, journals, magazines and newspaper clippings, goes back years - maybe 50 -100 items - £15


Ted Hooper - Guide to bees and honey - ‘r dinsley’ written inside cover - 1976 - £5 (amazon £6.20)

Colin C Butler - the World of The Honey Bee - written 1954 this version 1977 £40 (amazon first edition £50)

H A Dade - anatomy and dissection of the honey bee - 1977 reprint £90 (amazon £99 for 1978 reprint)

Edwin Way Teale - The golden throng, a book about bees - 1942 £8 (amazon £9)

L. Bailey - Infectious diseases of the honey bee - 1963 - unavailable on amazon/eBay - £10

H J Lund - a man and his bees, a bee-keeper’s chronicle - 1947 - some writing in cover £15 (amazon £3 - £27)

J M Dunning - the key of the hive, the habits and products of the honey bee - 1945 £10 (amazon £5 - £13)

Karl VonFrisch - The Dancing Bees - 1954 £45 (Amazon £48 from USA)

Cecil Tonsley - honey for health - 1969 - (unavailable on amazon) £10

A N Schofield - teach yourself beekeeping - 1958 reprint - this version unavailable on amazon £5

Brother Adam - Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey - 1977 reprint unavailable on amazon (signed 1st ed £40) £20

F S Stuart beekeeping practise 2nd edition - 1946 - £15 (amazon £1

Maurice Maeterlinck - the life of the bee - 1912 - £18 (amazon £20)

D T Macfie - practical beekeeping and honey production - 1940 - £3


C P Dadent - first lessons in beekeeping - 1917, revised ed. 1975 - £30 (amazon £20-£44 for various editions, this one unavailable)

Carlson Wade - bee pollen and your health - orig ed. 1978 - £10 (amazon £17 aus)

Ray Hill - Propolis, the natural antibiotic - £1

Owen Meyer - the Beekeeper’s handbook - 1981 - £4

1984 Beekeeper’s annual - beautiful book, can’t find one anywhere online -£10 (adverts, illustrations, articles, year planner)

J G Diggs - the practical bee guide - 1944 twelfth edition - £20 (amazon £23)
I would like the Bro Adam book please. I think you are saying it's a signed 1st Ed. Can you confirm that please.

sorry no that book is not a first edition - it's a signed 1977 reprint - the only one I could find on amazon a few weeks ago was a signed first edition at £40 which is why I valued this at half of that, to take into account it not being a first edition, but still signed.

I'm looking to sell the whole collection in one for £200 if possible.
Ixy? I think you would do far better to get the 2nd hand book shop at Alwnick to value it for you.

Basing prices on Amazon/Ebay is a bit vague and arbitrarily saying its worth half of x is just not the way to do it.

Good luck but some pro advice might be sensible.

Thanks but alnwick's a bit far for me to go - many 2nd hand book sellers use amazon and amazon is a big marketplace so I don't think prices will be toooo far out. If they are, I won't sell any. This isn't my job ;)
Hi Ixy,

Have you sold these yet? Am interested in buying the lot - please PM me.

Many thanks, WoodBee
sorry! I'm back! pm'd you...
Now sold - thankyou