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East Sussex Nucs £50 each....?

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Drone Bee
May 12, 2009
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Ok calm down, I know this will be a dead end but it made me smile.

If you check out the October BBC GoodFood magazine you will see an article about a beekeeper called Roz Whittaker, amongst other things Roz's tips include checking your local BKA for a free swarm or worst case you can find nucs going for £50 (approx), is this the price of Nucs in East Sussex?

If so can someone give me the contact details.


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If thats the price in East Sussex - let me know - I will buy - to sell on (and I live in West Sussex:))
- my Nucs were £90. Suppose it depends on the size - all relevant. I dont think they are sellable less than 3 frames brood and 4/5 well drawn on with stores.
people actually pay money for bees? What a strange idea, I live in East Sussex, and a very nice man will turn up with a swarm of bees, and has to have his arm twisted into accepting a tenner for petrol..........:)
Wow, you have them well trained.
Only time that happened I went 18 miles to collect a swarm. The farmer watched and questioned as I boxed them safely.. 3 days later he phoned again - another swarm - off I went - he had built scaffolding for me to reach the swarm- and he wanted to help box it. - 3 days later he rang again - another swarm - and already boxed up for me on the door mat at his house!! Thats the nearest I have got to training the public
I didn't charge - but have the loveliest of bees, golden and good. :cheers2:
If you turned up out of the blue and asked my association for a 'free swarm' they would tell you to clear off. Members of the association who are ready to take up the hobby often get given swarms to start them off and the same with nucs, if the association has them to spare they will sell them to members for a nominal fee.

Lol I will take 10 nucs at £50 each please:cheers2:
Did you ever enquire/find out where the swarms came from?
MJBee -they came from his own house- a wonderful old farmhouse with hung wooden shingles. There were bees exiting from so many areas there must have been a few different colonies in there. He was even talking of taking a bedroom wall out to make an observation wall!!
He is going to start beekeeping next year, I think - so he has a head start.