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Dec 31, 2008
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Shropshire, uk
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I have been observing for a few days the removal of bees from my strongest colony. I have noticed that many these seem to have deformed wings. I am talking maybe a couple of 100 rather than thousands but I have seen them flying off over the hedge with them!

This colony has been very busy, bringing in lots of stores. I stopped feeding about a week ago and put a wet super back on for them. I have noticed this behaviour particulary since then but this could be coincidence? They seem quieter - not so much buzzing in the brood but this could be that they are in the super?

Furthermore since I put the OMF in last weekend there are lots of dead varroa mites that have fallen throuh the floor ( the have been Apiguarded recently). I also noticed dead varroa on the landing board by the entrance on one occasion last week, I assume from where they were dragging out the dead but not since.

Last weekend they looked good with lots of stores. Are the bee's going to sort this out the best they can or do I need to do more or should I ask my bee inspector in.... I don't want to go tearing open the hive as I have practically bedded them in for winter now.

Any advice welcome!

Thanks - Floss
So does this mean that i am seeing the result of the Apiguard having "worked" and the effectiveness of an OMF??
The bees with the damaged wings were damaged whilst in the brood cells. I would contact inspector just to get the ok.:cheers2:
Hmmm, so they may have been affected just prior to the apiguard treatment??? Tx for your replies, I will contact my bee inspector.

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