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Mar 25, 2020
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Hello all,

After starting beekeeping 10-11 months ago I now have three hives. The third one was from a recent split (10 days ago) of a hive which consisted of two brood boxes.

The Queen remained in the brood box left with the original hive , and I put in a frame of the most recent eggs that I could see. Unsure whether they were older than 3 days or not.

Anyway, I could not see after one week any attempt to make a queen at all, the bees were not flying out whereas the bees in the other two hives were very busy. Therefore, I decided to purchase a mated queen.

However, yesterday evening, there was a lot of activity outside, so decided to look at them today and found several qc that were empty, but one which I have attached is capped. Note: I looked at all the frames in that hive.

If capped, does that mean that there definitely will be a virgin queen appearing shortly ?

Should I cancel the order, or introduce it and leave it up to the bees to decide? If the queen making fails then I maybe back to square one anyway.

Note(2) I purchased one 6 frame nuc late last July and a over wintered nuc that I received late April 21.

Note(3) I have been unable to get a mentor from either MidsBucksBKA or the one at Oxford. I live between the two. There is a someone nearby who is a honey producer by trade who I have leaned on once and he gladly helped, but as he had 100 plus hives to look after I don't want to hinder him too much.

Any help would be great, as I learn a lot by reading everyone's threads 😊

Many thanks,


Ps. These are national hives and bees are Buckfast. Unsure how much more I can help. Currently, I cannot find a queen in either of the three hives, but I am not very good at spotting them 😀.


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No expert here, but I'd definitely cancel your order for a queen. The bees usually know what they're doing in producing a queen, but you've only given them 10 days to sort things out. Although a queen takes 16 days from egg to emergence, bees can create emergency queen cells from brood up to 4-5 days old, so an emerging queen could be imminent. Putting a bought in queen into the hive when there is likely to already be a virgin in there will probably just guarantee her death and waste your money.
If (much further down the road) it turns out that for some reason the bees couldn't produce a mated queen, with two other hives you should have plenty of eggs that you can always put into this hive to let them try again.
Like I said, I've only kept bees myself for 3 years, but it sounds like you're jumping the gun a bit to me.
Eggs older then 3 days are called larvae.

Leave them mostly alone for three and they will sort them selves out, the only thing you need to do is make sure stores are good,
Should I cancel the order, or introduce it and leave it up to the bees to decide?
Don't give bees options.

There's no certainty of a good new queen so a back-up would be useful.

Why not make up a nuc, introduce the bought Q to that, and unite with newspaper to the main colony if needed.

If not, you can sell the nuc next spring or use it to replace a winter loss.

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