Dead Bees Outside hive after the Varroa treatment started

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Jul 25, 2021
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Manchester, United Kingdom
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I started Varroa treatment in the third week of August.
I am using ApiVar. It (2 strips) is in the hive for nearly 2 weeks now.

After the treatment started, I can a lot of dead bees outside the hive.
I checked the Varroa board under the hive and I could find nearly 75 small varroas (may be more than that).

I am worried about the number of dead bees outside the hive.

Is it normal to see dead bees in this season or after the ApiVar treatment started?
Do I need to do anything?

Thank you for your help
Could be old summer foragers.
Think that's what we have, noticed a quite a few slowly crawling on the floor and some on the flowers that look like they have frozen, thought they may have been caught or with the temp dropping!!
If done in accordance with instructions you should have no problems.
A picture would help - close up of a few dead bees plus view of pile of dead ones.
Certainly with apiguard some colonies can react by cleaning out brood, as suggested post a picture so we can better judge.
Looks like mostly drones to me. The huge eyes are a great ID point
Drone eviction.
My colonies usually allow a few through winter. I love seeing that

Not all the colonies throw them out at the same time so they move along till they get to the last one so there’s always a larger number outside one box
Mine evict drones gradually so I rarely see heaps of dead drones.
Agree each colony doesn't work tot he same timing when it comes to drone eviction.