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Synonyms: benzoic aldehyde, almond artificial essential oil, benzenecarbonal, benzene carboxaldehyde, artificial almond oil, NCI-C56133, oil of bitter almond
Molecular formula: C6H5CHO
CAS No: 100-52-7

Physical data

Appearance: colourless to yellow liquid with an almond-like odour
Melting point: -56 C
Boiling point: 179 C
Vapour density: 3.6 (air = 1)
Vapour pressure: 1 mm Hg at 26 C
Density (g cm-3): 1.04
Flash point: 63 C (closed cup)
Explosion limits: 2.1 - 13.5 %
Autoignition temperature: 192 C
Water solubility: slight


Eye irritant. Harmful by inhalation or ingestion. May be harmful by skin contact. May cause allergic reaction. Slight local anesthetic properties. There is limited evidence that this chemical may act as a carcinogen in laboratory animals. Narcotic in high concentration.

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