change of temperament on shook swarm

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Oct 1, 2009
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London N10
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last year, marked queen, really nastly blackisn mongrel bee, i vowed to requeen this spring

Inspection last week, opened up 14x12 , sounded llie a lawnmover starting, pinged and evenual sting through thick rubber gaunlet gloves.

i had decided to do a shook swarm into a new 14x12, fresh foundation, and get them to do it, before re queening...i did not want any more bad tempered bees hatching so shook swarm ...MAYHEM.....fed them with 2ltre of sugar and vita feed -green

went yesterday, 14c, cloudy ( all bees home), open up...light purr, 8 frames drawn, one brood frames of pollen,eggs, grubs, another being polished and the queen is there 2009 clipped...SAME QUEEN not a ping, all went down with smoke

why the change in temperamnet: vita-green?, shook swarm? : change to new 14x12 brood box ?

any ideas,
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Lucky you. I shook swarmed my two colonies into new 14x12s three weeks ago and they've not forgiven me. They're possessed.

New to this but just a thought. On my 2nd inspection, the girls were a bit techy to say the least & thinking about it came to the conclusion that brood had expanded & my inspection was just at the time when the colony was light on food v brood. Inspection after, a lot more friendly. With your feed after shook swarm, could this explain the change in temperament ???