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Don't get bored John, little Leigh is looking for more pearls of wisdom from big Wiggin.;)

Little Leigh is making a strong bid for it's independence from Big Wiggin ! :):)

When I purchased my sugar

25kg of sugar cost £13.99 a sack.

I spoke to the Manager and showed him my BBKA card along with my Bookers card

He gave me a managers discount of £5.99 off each sack

So 100 lb of sugar cost me a total of just £32

which works out at 32 pence per kilo
The prices I quoted are from the web site and it does appear that the managers have a fair bit of discretion. Well worth an ask.

I don't know if normal beekeepers with a blue card have access to the prices on the web site or whether that is reserved for the orange cards that "official" members have.

So is there a difference in card colours then?

When I registered last year the women at the desk seemed a little confused so the manager came out to deal with the paper work and was really interested in the way we feed the bees etc. He filled the form out with my name as trading name and a few weeks later my orange card arrived.

Just checked mine. I joined as a beek, my card is orange. R
bought loads, bookers still £13.69 should be safe side now for the next year's feeding frenzy ..
My card is blue . . . I feel cheated.

I'm getting sugar tomorrow, so will enquire what the difference is between the card - other than the colour of course.
Noticed yesterday that it has gone up to .56p in local shop.

For anybody near enough the shop in question is Roys.

Probably not relevant but I also noticed that it is cane sugar, and I dont think the stuff Iwas buying earlier in the year was.
Thanks for the kind words. The arrangement with Bookers was set up by myself as secretary of Conway Beekeepers' Assoc. We had had an arrangement for our members to shop at our local Bookers for some years, and I arranged a national deal for members of Welsh BKA, Scottish BKA and British (English) BKA to enjoy the same benefits, covering any item in Bookers, for an unlimited time.
We buy fondant through our local bakery.

As we speak, all guns a blazing.
In a recent reshuffle H green has been moved from Leigh into the Makerfield constituency .
Watch this space :D:D

John Wilkinson