bloody flu

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Sorry you aren't well. get well soon. good job it isn't man flu or you wouldn't even be able to type.
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man flu me???? no way!! sat at home with all the kids today and whinged at each back to work tomorrow at least ill get some peace:)
artibaton your post has warmed my heart!
Thats one of the main things I am trying to achieve here on the forum.
A place that members can come on and chat about stuff that makes us a community.


If you die can I have your hives ?
well if the Noro virus a fortnight ago didnt see me off im hoping a bit of flu wont......i think my kids are just little incubators of nasty winter bugs....but hey if i do kick the bucket consider them urs:nopity:
So far I've managed to stay clear this season, had a coughy cold last week but felt fine. . . . .I did get a bout of man flu - or bird flu. . . . .something like that last Christmas, laid me up nicely on the only days off I get at this time of year :)

Hope you feel better soon Artibaton :grouphug:

better now back to the big girls tonight....moooooo
From a medical point of view - I prescribe hot toddies!!:cheers2:

Over the last fortnight my wife and kids went down with something flu-like. I was the only one not affected but then I was the only one eating honey each day. :)


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