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Dec 4, 2008
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We refurbished our bird box which was home to a pair of blue tits this spring and they brought out a hatch successfully.

Today we observed them popping into the box again and are wondering if they are going to use it as a refuge from the cold.

The old nest was taken out so the box is empty so any thoughts on material we could pop in to help them?

We have 2 Shih Tzu dogs with hair that needs constant trimming - the birds love it as nesting material. Any small pieces of natural (as opposed to man made) material will keep them cosy. Like the bees keeping dry is the main thing. Birds after all come with a fitted duvet:):)
:cheers2: Mike
PH I noticed the same at my parents house blue tits went into the box. I watched it for at least 15mins but they must have been having a snooze.
I think you'll find tits lose their territorial habits in Winter and cluster to conserve heat :) , my bird boxes are deserted late summer but are fully occupied in the Winter time !. (maybe the old pair plus the years offspring ?).
I have a hole under the eaves of my utility room and each evening at dusk , one after another ,tits fly in there, unerringly they chunk' the small hole. Up to a dozen each night . Her indoors insists this hole is retained :).

John Wilkinson
I phoned the vets and they are putting some dog hair clippings aside for me.

Tony Sophers book, remember him? Cites 14 blue tits in a nesting box!

Don't blame the wrens:).they don't build in crevasses like the tit family !

John Wilkinson

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