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They are the usual suspects!!! Overpriced as usual with shipping on top.

Also, in my opinion, the new plastic they use is significantly worse than the old type. I bought a batch (which are now in clear plastic), and they aren't a patch on the older ones, made in a white plastic (which is thicker).

If you are showing wax, the german/french versions are better as the moulds edges are sharper.

I'd estimate about 50%+ of the clear plastic batch had holes in the corner and I had to request replacements.

also at a pound for a bar that means that wax is roughly £33 per kilo on ebay . its a shame you can buy it at kbs at £5 per kilo in blocks

The unfortunate fact is that all these 'alternative' moulds do not result in the product having "BEESWAX" embossed on it!

Its the old saying of "money for old rope" but now you add the words Ebay into the equation.

As you quite rightly point out Pete you can buy blocks of wax for a fraction of the price of what people will pay on ebay.

Also I noted yesterday that, I could skip even the time and effort of making my own

A moulds
B wax ingots

And just buy ready made wax 30g (1oz) blocks from the "usuaul suspects" for only 47p (+P&P, but bulk would reduce costs) and still make money via ebay.

But as I have quite a bit of wax, I think the best route is via Ebay, but I suspect to get the premium I will need as RAB points out the required words "BEESWAX" embosed into the wax.

My whole point of my post (not to loose out on my potential ebay sales) is to highlight to members that there are better "trade ins " than to simpley exchnage your wax for sheets.
a very good point there is many other ways to make money with wax other than swaping it for sheets.

i tried selling the small blocks on flea bay and i also tried selling wax granuals to the fleabay buyers as well.

but i hit to walls first one was i tried to sell at top market price for quality and got very little interest, so i tried bottom price stuff to see what would happen but unless you are in the bottom 3 for price when you filter for lowest you get no buyers at all. out of the wax blocks and the wax granuals i sold more granuals manly to people making cosmetics and such like.

places i have succedded at is the local french polishers and cabinate makers because i have a range of wax colours for them to choose from.

the local reservior took loads off me as the boaty people use it on the sewing threads for there sails. i think they took a box of 50 off me to go in the clubs stores.

i have also sold several on a hunting and fishing website i was on and a survivalist web site as well