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Bees & Equiptment for sale - Durham

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Ian Maxwell

New Bee
Jun 18, 2010
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Bees & Equiptment for sale - Durham

3 hives with bees
+ Spare Hives
+ Suites
+ Extractor Etc

owner become allergic to stings
Ring Ian 07710326585
Hi, is it all one lot or would you be willing to split?
Price for one hive with bees?
Give him a ring Foxylad,he can ony say no.
Dont hang around as kit like this will sell fast.
Hi Andy

Sorry to hear about you becoming allergic to bee stings, probably to late to ask but do you still have any bees for sale?
Anne,I noticed Ian has not logged in to the forum for a while.
Give him a ring on the telephone number he posted..

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