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Colony for Sale Winchester, Hampshire - Hives and equipment for sale

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Jun 15, 2019
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I’m retiring from beekeeping for now and I’ve got some bees for sale.

6 hives available

£375 - 3x 14x12 painted hives with a 2022 queen unmarked, comes with a feeder each and a stand

£400 - 1x langstroth painted hive with a 2021 queen unmarked, comes with a feeder, two supers on the hive and a stand

£400 - 1x standard national painted hive with a 2022 queen unmarked, comes with feeder, a super on the hive and a stand

£250 - 1x Maisemore double stacked national nuc, overwintered bees with a 2022 queen - nuc box, feeder and transport lid included as well as standard lid

£175 - 1x Thornes plastic national extractor

10% discount for purchase more than 1 hive or £2100 for everything I own including honey extractor, 6 hives, 1 empty nuc box, 2 suits, tools, over 50 spare super frames, and anything else I have.

Postcode - SO22

Contact info
- [email protected]

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