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Aug 24, 2009
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Wiltshire, Somerset, S Glos & S Oxfordshire
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Hi. A few questions for the sages here to answer :

I am considering doing a bit of migratory beekeeping next year to the heather and wanted to know where is best in the south west of England for location.

Also, could I just turn up and pop a couple of hives beside the road (as I don't know anyone down there to leave them on)

Does anyone have any land I could put them on ?

Also, any experiences to share , success or failures for me to consider !

thanks and regards

Somerford,send me a pm,can help you regards a good secure site on Exmoor.No you cannot just plonk them anywhere,well not plonk them and expect to still find them there when you return.
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Hi Somerford

My migratory beekeeping is at the other end of the UK and we are spoilt for choice for sites, though identifying the landowner is often less than straightforward.

A couple of suggestions:

1. Always ask for permission. Nearby cottages usually can tell you who to ask and whether it is worth doing so.

2. Try the online satellite/aerial maps to scout for sites before a local visit to check. You can even make out hives sometimes.

3. You'll need patches of heather at least several hundred metres across - several km is better.

4. Having just seen it - truly excellent offer from Hivemaker there, go for it!

all the best


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