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Nov 24, 2008
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Gloucestershire uk
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I write this to explain what complaints come in such as;

1st Damaged nucs in post. WE always advise to collect. But will replace after returned within 4 working days.
2nd Demanding threatening beeks. Politely terminate the conversation immediately less problems in future return there money in ful.l
3rd Newbees that complain the bees stung.them Apologise offer money back.
4th Queen dead- queen cell- queen swarmed- queen not laying- no queen always replace.
5th Beeks that expect the imposable and cant wait. always refund there money
6th Beeks that go behind my back complain on the forums before I know anything about it. I Cant do anything about it.
7th Beeks that complain after 4 months the bees has swarmed. offer my simpathy
8th the bees arrived in the post drowned yes drowned send a new one
9th New beeks Refuse a sale if no Mentor
I could go on and on.
I run a business employing 7 beeks in the season 5 fulltime 2/3 part timers they are shown what we require a nuc to be we go to great lengths to explain.
If we receive a bad complaint there down the road.
But accidents do happen we are only a keeper of bees and have no real control.
All the best mike
I do feel for you Mike.

In the few nucs I have sold this year, I always waited for the return phone call weeks down the line saying some of the daft replies above. Luckly it never happened to me (yet!)

After all you are not selling a DVD or even a cat, these are bees, with very unique ways.
in a world where health and safety rules sometimes seem to take precedence over common sense, i would be tempted to put a leaflet in with bees that i sold that said;

1. Bees can sting. Please take precautions including wearing beeproof hat veil, suit and gloves. Do not site bees near paths or where their flight path may bother passers by.

2. Some people are allergic to bee stings and may suffer an adverse reaction which can include death. Please consult your doctor before handling your bees.

3. Bees if not properly managed will swarm. No responsibility is taken for loss or damage caused by swarming
Good point Finman...

Leaflet should say...

bees may poo on your car or washing

Bees may fly into your neighbour's gardens and go on their flowers (One of my neighbours has actually accused me of this!)

Bees may drink from your pond or birdbath...

Hmmm the leaflet would have to be quite long
Bees may fly into your neighbour's gardens and go on their flowers (One of my neighbours has actually accused me of this!)

Bet their Garden positively bloomed - Send em an invoice for the pollination.
Whilst I sympathise with Mike I do not hold with his moaning.

He is a businessman with a lucrative business, which employs full time and part time employees. He a businessman come beekeeper who produces a package for paying customers. If people are not satisfied and they complain then he has to accept that fact. In his response he will give a full refund. Can't be any fairer than that.
I don't hear other beekeeping suppliers moaning about how their business is proceeding so why have we got to listen to Mike trying to defend his way of management? I for one couldn't care less how his business is going.

Do any other suppliers actually bother to use these forums?
Would any other suppliers offer a full refund?
I havent actually bought anything from Mike yet but i for one hope that his business blooms and he keeps doing what he is doing. Dont let this thread turn into a brawl. When i came to this froum it was a relief as i thought i had found somewhere nicer than the "other forum". Hope it dont tuen out to bee the same. :cheers2:
As a newbie to beekeeping, I find it refreshing that there is someone sufficiently keen on what they do for a living to spend the time to try to explain some of the problems they encounter when dealing with the Great British Public - a very pleasant change - the more transparency and honesty there is, the better! :)
Hi Veg,
I agree with you I do not want a slanging match.

If this forum is run by us then surely we are allowed to say what bugs us and what's good.
I for one will not be involved in any slanging match as I, just like the rest of us, don't need it.
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Wrong forum Sweetums,that post was for one of those "health"forums you use:laughing-smiley-004
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