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Dec 7, 2022
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Hello everybody, it's so nice to be here!
I am a 5th year community-beekeeper, living in Oslo. I have a couple urban apiaries, and I work a lot with citizens who are interested in beekeeping, but do not (at the moment) consider owning a hive or becoming a beekeeper themselves.
My hardworking girls produce amazing honey due to our unique location within the city. It certainly helps that Oslo is a very green city with very rich biodiversity, as well as being a spray-free city. My autumn honey that has been awarded with two gold medals at the National Honey Championship this year.
I was a farmer until last year, and a researcher in pedagogy at a university. My passion is transforming the food&farming systems (as an organic vegetable farmer and on-farm educator), and my other passion is challenging the dynamics of the obsolete higher education system! From 2023 on I will focus more on creating educational offers in beekeeping to help beekeepers develop themselves in the face of climate challenge, loss of biodiversity and pollution.
Even though this is my 5th year, I feel very insecure about my beekeeping methods and I want to be an open-minded member here who does not mind asking silly questions :) and share my knowledge with others! Hurray for our beekeeping community 🐝
Hi didi and welcome to the best beekeeping forum on the planet. Please ask away's how we all learn. We would love to hear more about your wonderful city and beekeeping. You have an interesting history. My daughter works in the Pedagogical Team for Arthaus Berlin
Hey Didi, I'm so amazed by your work and passion.

Welcome to the forum, and Good luck!

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