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Jun 9, 2009
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Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire.
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Being a beginner I've no idea what behaviour is acceptable and when a hive should be re-queened. I have handled a few colonys over the past 10 years or so but never had as much hands on as this year. I have been helping out at the Associations apiary and noticed 1 particular colony was extremely quiet. They are a very light coloured bee and stand still on the comb during inspections. The colony I have is totally different they seem to flood up over the top bars and need smoking after each frame has been examined. At the last 2 inspections they have followed me to the point yesterday when they came across 2 roads and followed me to the bus stop. So what would experienced Beek's class as a good bee and what is unacceptable?
Although I have had and put up with bees that are more tetchy in the past, what you describe isn't great at all

I'd requeen next year

Are the hives near a busy road, under power lines, under trees or in a place where they could suffer vibration ? that does cause issues too.
I have one hive in my garden about 20 feet from a main road and have no probs with them unless queenless. You need to breed from the quiet ones lol. :cheers2:
I find "following" the worst trait of bees. I can cope with grumpy bees at the hive, though it isn't pleasant but when I go back to the car or house I like the bees to stay behind.

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