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Nick Lang

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Oct 30, 2020
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Pontypool, South Wales
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So....I went outside today and there were bees everywhere.....went through the bushes to find a swarm.... basically in the undergrowth on the floor........tried to get them up into a brood box with frames of foundation in it (floor removed) with a lid on it.
I've added some this the best way to try to coax them into the box....or is there another trick to get them in there?


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Yep....thank you....that worked perfectly....the bees all went up and I found her on the ground....she looked a bit rough....hope she was faking it.....will move them tonight and check her out tomorrow...see if she improves.

Once again...thank you for that 🙏🙏👍 the queen that swarmed died...I thought she might she was so weak looking when I recovered the swarm.

I was thinking about uniting the swarm back with the original hive...which has a queen cell in it.....can I just add the box with the swarm bees on top of the original hive with newspaper in between?

Can I put the smarm bees on top of any hive in the apiary?
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I've united a swarm with a hive previously (queenless hive but sure it would work the other way around).
I just removed a few frames to make space, sprayed the hive and the swarm with air freshener, bumped the (frameless) box with the swarm to dislodge the bees, and poured the swarm into the gap before adding the frames gently. No fighting & worked to requeen my hopelessly queenless hive.

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