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Jun 20, 2009
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Kingsbridge, South Devon
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Call me sad, but I took my two grown up sons to see Avatar in 3D last night in Plymouth. I wasn't sure what to expect but was, as the saying goes, blown away by the 3D effects. The storeyline is basically Braveheart with a happy ending and done with blue spangley costumes but it is the effects which make the film. You view them through what I assume were polarized glasses, not the old red/green things, so it is in full colour - stunning.

I didn't see any bees but the scenes in the forest included all sort of flying insects which because of the 3D looked very lifelike.

Highly recommended and a coconut for anyone who does spot a bee in the film.
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I saw it yesterday. It thought it took a while to get going but the 3D was very good.
I didn`t see a bee either.

We went to see A christmas carol 3D before christmas and that was excellent.