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Feb 2, 2024
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Horden, Co. Durham
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Hi all, looking for an decent, affordable bee suit for my wife. I have recently got into beekeeping and even though my wife has no interest at the moment, I would like to have a suit available and ready just in case curiosity get the better of her and she decides to accompany me to inspect the bees. Any reccommendations would be welcome. Don't want to spend a fortune as it may never get used.


Ebay cheapie?
Done a bit of research and have opted to try 3 layer vented suit from AGS, got some good reviews and reasonably priced.
Thanks for the advice.

I purchased the AGS 3-layer ultra-ventilated suit for my wife. She used it a couple of times towards the end of last year; however, she found the cuffs to be excessively large, resulting in loose elastic and gaps around her wrists. Subsequently, I obtained some gaiters for her, thus resolving the issue. I own the Auz Armour ventilated suit, which is largely similar except for the addition of a rib in the hood to keep it off the face, Velcro cuffs for adjustable sizing, and a slightly different pocket configuration. Despite the need to purchase gaiters, the AGS suit offers good value for money compared to the Auz Armour, considering the significant price difference.

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