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Mar 19, 2009
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Hi All,

I know it's the age old question of when to add a super but there is a slight twist.

I have had a 5 frame nuc for a few weeks now and all is going well. They have now drawn out some comb and have had some good brood expansion.

They have 3 frame of foundation left and have sealed brood on 6 frames and just larvae on the seventh and the eighth being just stores.

They have recently had some sealed drone and today I noticed a test QC.

I am planning on waiting for the last three foundation to be drawn and then will add a QX and a un-drawn super...what do you think?

PS. I have had a feed on :D
No sir.

They need room to store and they are at take off point re expansion.

Personally I would super now. Remember nectar to honey is a good three to one.

Evening Mr Trueman,I agree with PH, get a super on in the next few days.

Even with a super on keep an eye every week for new queen cells as they have got it in to their head they want to swarm,with the extra room they should settle and be fine but keep an eye on them.

Although you have 10 frames in the box the bees often will only use the inner frames ignoring the outer ones unless desperate for room and not swarming,it may look to you like they have room but to them they are chocka.