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No, I said I put twelve new frames in a spare brood box ready to take to the apiary and noticed how much space there was. The box isn't new it's been used and twelve frames never had that much room before.
And I agree with you, I've always bought seconds and from the same supplier, they have been very good but this pack of top bars wasn't and maybe all of the side bars are not either. Side bars not a problem, just don't push them together but the top bars need to be closer to straight to be functional.
Apologies Ian, you were replying to another post.
500 frames (DN4) and wax in sale, few duff ones but still used. All now full of honey and ready for harvest.
What a load of scaremongering...
All my kit is seconds, I've had a few frames beyond salvaging but the boxes have all been fine. At worst I've had to glue in some loose knots. If you do have to make any repairs the glue will be stronger than the wood it's bonded to - just make sure it's a suitable waterproof wood glue.

I have got a bit of sapwood on one of the boxes, but if they don't last as long it's not the end of the world when they're half price or less. They're still cedar and I'm confident they'll still outlast any pine boxes.
The articles correct that there is some poor quality items around. However seconds from the main suppliers are fine the fact the odd piece may require a little work or common sense when assembling is par for the course. As to the 72hrs to assemble utter b&((0(s! Just don’t leave them sitting around for weeks/months
:iagree: but look at the audience they are aiming at - most probably the 'more money than sense' home counties/London dilettantes
As a rule of thumb, stick to the well known British suppliers.
I have three hives all knocked together from seconds. They’re all fine (I am a builder with tools and good knowledge). But British well known suppliers will help, even with seconds.
Good luck and be vigilant.
I wont buy seconds frames from them ever again following a noticeable increase in scrap and as I don't have a wood burner, I have no requirement for kindling.
I wont buy seconds frames from them ever again following a noticeable increase in scrap and as I don't have a wood burner, I have no requirement for kindling.
Who is “them”?
Interesting, I’ve never had ones from Maisemore I couldn’t use but some of my last batch needed care when nailing due to ill placed knots. I tend to put a dab of PU glue on those.
Surprised to hear that, Hachi, because I've used Maisemore seconds without real issue.

Years ago I bought several hundred Thorne seconds frames and had to burn 20-30%. They were shocking; might have been made from the scrappy end of timber stock, but I didn't know any better and thought that was par for the course. If I had seconds that bad again, I'd ask for replacements.

Went to Maisemore and not had a problem since. OK, there are one or two bananas and breakages in a hundred, but otherwise I find them well-machined and reliable.
In fairness it was a few years ago now and then, the scrap level was running at 17%.

I did mention it to them at one show that only reinforced my decision was the right one.

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